“Hlavsa has a great deal of good advice for the actor.  He writes with a hands-on immediacy that pulls us convincingly into the rehearsal process and he formulates practical methods for dealing with all the bumps in the road.  Directors could do well to give this a read as well.”
- Dan Sullivan, Tony Award winner, former Artistic Director, Seattle Repertory Theatre

“It was exhilarating and instructive to read An Actor Rehearses.   Where has this book been all our lives?  It's blessedly free of pompous theorizing and manages the considerable feat of offering aspiring and experienced actors and directors a wonderfully practical and utterly authoritative road map for the tricky terrain of the rehearsal hall.”
- Doug Hughes, Tony Award winner, Resident Director, Roundabout Theatre Company

“With all of the old-wives tales about actors and general skepticism surrounding the craft, Hlavsa single-handedly provides a compelling, complimentary argument for the difficulties and triumphs of the profession of acting.  His ‘Actors Learn’ section inspires us all to cultivate the strengths of a performer.”
- Molly Smith, Artistic Director, Arena Stage, Washington DC

“Finally someone has written a book about the rehearsal process that is remarkably useful, truthful, and inspiring. It’s a must read for actors and directors, and anyone else confronted with the great task of building characterizations and productions from the demanding conditions of today’s theatre making.”
- Kurt Beattie, Artistic Director, ACT Theatre, Seattle

“Hlavsa leads the reader through the rehearsal process step-by-step, with such thoroughness and clarity, that his book cannot help but provide an actor with both insight and encouragement.  His structured approach to the exploration, discovery, frustrations, and joys of rehearsing has many virtues, but this above all others:
it is useful.”
- M. Burke Walker, Founding Artistic Director, The Empty Space Theatre, Seattle

“David Hlavsa provides detailed navigation advice for the most neglected component of a young actor's training, the process of rehearsal.  In actuality, what Hlavsa has done is to write a manual for creating a character based on the preparation necessary to bring a play to life.”
- Arthur Bartow, Artistic Director, Department of Drama, Undergraduate, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

“David Hlavsa’s An Actor Rehearses is a welcome addition the small number of essential books for actors, directors and, indeed, anyone who aspires to make theatre. It is, first, practical, clear and comprehensive.  Secondly, it is infused with unpretentious idealism. His concise suggestions of how best to use the limited time available to create and sustain a character draws on his own deep understanding of the tried-and-true organizing principles of what makes for inspired performance.  This book will go near the top of my ‘must read’ booklist for actors and directors.”
- Mark Jenkins, Head, MFA Professional Actor Training Program & MFA Directing Program, University of Washington School of Drama

“True 'art' can be achieved only through mastery of craft. Unfortunately, for most student actors, the craft of acting is thrust upon them in a confused jumble. David Hlavsa, with the care of a master-craftsman, has endeavored to untie the knots. He has given young actors a detailed, crystal-clear road map for their journey in creating a role. An Actor Rehearses is full of insights, practical exercises and common sense. This book can be used as a how-to manual for the beginning actor, as well as a source of replenishment and inspiration for the grizzled veteran. As a director, actor and acting teacher, I will call upon Mr. Hlavsa's wisdom, often.”
- Tony Pasqualini, Actor, Director, Founder: Freehold Theatre, Studio and Lab, Seattle

 “An Actor Rehearses is extraordinarily clear and helpful. Like a good actor, David Hlavsa makes his points. They’re expressed in such a straight-forward and personal way that you feel he’s standing next to you, right there in the rehearsal room. One step at a time he leads you from the moment you’ve been cast to the last time you turn off the dressing room light. At every stage he starts with the simplest questions, the easiest things to do, then works his way down. He offers exercises that are helpful and easy to try. He’s never pretentious, ambiguous or preachy. He just wants you to give a good performance. Along the way he also offers directors dozens of ideas and helps them see the world through the eyes of an actor. He’s written one of the best books about acting I know.”
 - Alan MacVey, Chair, Theatre Arts Department, University of Iowa

“David Hlavsa’s book, An Actor Rehearses, delivers exactly what it promises – a blueprint for a clear, doable step-by-step process taking the actor from the moment of casting through performance.  The information is current and is expressed warmly and specifically, filled with tools and exercises.  It is a 'how to' book in the best sense of the term.”
- Barbara Mackenzie-Wood, Head of Acting/Music Theatre, Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, Pittsburgh, PA

“David Hlavsa has written a refreshingly clear, down-to-earth text on the art and craft of acting.  His writing style is eloquent, conversational and direct.  Hlavsa is truly an actor’s director, and his book speaks to young actors with great empathy and wisdom.  Hlavsa infuses his subject with passion, humor and makes the reader feel as if he is right there in the rehearsal room next to him.  If you are a serious student of acting, you should read An Actor Rehearses; you will be guaranteed to be inspired by it.  I plan to require An Actor Rehearses in my acting classes, and also to recommend it to any actor looking to reach the next level.  This is an important and wonderful book.”
- Irwin Appel, Director of BFA Actor Training Program, UC, Santa Barbara

“Actors, directors and teachers of actors are always on the lookout for clear and practical information that they may implement immediately--be it in the classroom, rehearsal or production.  David A. Hlavsa's book, An Actor Rehearses, is just such a resource.  In an engaging style, Professor Hlavsa examines the process of rehearsing from casting to performance that will give all actors, directors and teachers sound guidance about how to go about their business.  Hlavsa is a wise and warm educator and practitioner, whose deep understanding of the theatre and acting are evidenced in every chapter. This book will help actors, directors and teachers navigate through the exciting, confusing, frustrating, but ultimately joyful act of making theatre.”
Paul Kassel, Head of Performance, Dept. of Theatre Arts, State University of New York at New Paltz


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